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SaniDry Sedona

SaniDry Sedona

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Features & Benefits


The SaniDry Sedona Air System effectively dries the air in any crawl space or below-grade space, making it smell better and reducing the chance of mold growth.

In addition, the SaniDry Sedona unit filters particles out of the air including mold spores, and dust down to 3 microns in size. The unit’s powerful blower moves air around the basement or crawl space to dry the entire space.

SaniDry Sedona has other notable features that include: Merv 8 “Duet” Filter, Energy Star rating, 95 Pint a day capacity and (2010 compliant R410A refrigerant). ETL Certification in U.S.A. & Canada.



Maintains the relative humidity of a below-grade space to where most forms of mold will go dormant and purifies the air with an attached MERV 8 filter that will remove particles down to 3 microns in size.


Physical Properties

Height: 14.375"
Width: 16"
Weight: 63 lbs.



60 months from the date of warranty registration on the Website. If SaniDry Sedona is not registered within 30 days of installation, warranty reverts to 60 Months from date of Manufacture.

Be sure to send unit back in original packaging to protect it from shipping damage. Additional information and full copy of the Owner’s Manual is available in the FileHive section of our website.


Operational Specifications

Model: Sedona SS100
Blower: 285 CFM @ 0.0”WG
Power Usage: 644 watts @80°F and 60% RH
Supply Voltage: 115 Volts-1 Phase-60 hz
Current Draw: 5.60 Amps
Energy Factor: 2.90L/kWh
Refrigerant: 19.2 Ounces R410A
Operating Temp: 40°F Min.,100°F Max. 34F Dew Point Minimum
Sized For: 2000-3500sqft
Water Removal: 95 Pints/Day
Efficiency: 6.1 Pints/kWh
Air Filter: MERV-8
Filter Size: 15.30” x 13.18” x 1.75”
Power Cord: 10’- LCDI Protected
Drain Hose: ⅝” ID ⅞”OD x 8’ Gravity drain hose

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